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Sunday, December 11, 2005 Y 5:03 AM

Stayed over at Dar's house yesterday nite =)

Watched SkyHigh with him but unfortunately as I was having a running nose, I have to retire to bed early. Dar was nice enough to make the panadol drink for me but it didn't seem to have much effect.

Went bowling with CY, SY and XW today. Ate at Sakae and for once, I didn't find sushi that repulsive. Kinda enjoyed what I ate =). SY and CY are real funnie, really made a real nice couple together. Guess they were so into making fun of XW about....heh heh...thou shall not reveal.

Bowling sux...I meant I sux haha....67 to 58 points in total...eeks...really getting from bad to worse...I think I need to brush on it more....sobx...it was lousy )=

All in all, I enjoyed myself for the wkend. Looking forward to the next wkend. Work is really not something that I look forward to now given that I have so much things to finish up b4 the next OT day. Eeks!!!!


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