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Monday, December 12, 2005 Y 6:08 AM

It's all about OT Day...OT Day Volunteers Event...OT Day Dinner...OT Day Public Forum...OT Day Celebration...OT Carnival...OT Concert.

I am so so so tired of OT Day and it's respective events. 3/4 of my work centred on OT Day now...dun even have time to revise my own program.

Did my interim appraisal today and Boss said...I know you are really busy and tired from OT Day...but I also dun want to see you suffer with your flu...like I can take mc to rest like tat...stupid HR will then go on about the 7 days policy thingy.

Another OT Day Com Meeting today...then it will be followed by my own dept meeting on OT Day then my dept OT concert meeting on Thursday...then council meeting on OT day next Tuesday...this is gg to be neverending.

I hate to talk about work but work is 3/4 of what I do now...I want to be the OT that can relax after 5.30pm...please let January 11th comes soon!


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