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Thursday, December 29, 2005 Y 2:59 AM

I woke up this morning with the determination to get over him. He has really given me a tight slap..said he will call me to talk to me but in the end, he didn't. Guess it goes to show how much he doesn't give a shit to this relationship actually.

So why bother with him rite? Okie I'm still feeling a lil crappy...but i'm eating, sleeping and smiling too. Yes I do feel down at times but I'm over crying. No more shedding of tears for a worthless guy.

I believe I can stand in front of him and give him a tight slap back rather than weeping. I'm looking forward to get back my life. Imagine time and tears I have sacrificed for the past 5 months.

Yes, I still need support from friends. I can't bear to stay at home and I need to talk whenever I feel those crappy moods again.

And it's time for you all to do your job now...get ready to introduce new guys to me =)

I'm ready to give up that jerk and move on with life...to find the one that really belongs to me and will take real good care of me...one that cares about the relationship and treats me well.

No doubt, I still need time to recover but I'm getting geared up to do it. Blessed me with all the courage!


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