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Thursday, December 22, 2005 Y 7:13 AM

About anger
Do I have a anger problem? I seemed to be getting angry very easily nowadays. Having less tolerance for certain ppl and issues.

I'm been getting angry everyday, over matters that I think it's not necessary to be angry at all. Maybe it's really time to make a change in my life?

I need to learn anger management techniques. This anger seeping inside me is burning within me and affecting my life.

What is really the cause of this anger? Perhaps I should removed the antecedent? I do know what is the antecedent though and it is another problem that I have to deal with.

It is really important when it comes to attitudes. Attitudes can really determined the way you function. It's kinda wrenching to work with people whom are just contented with the way things work and do not bother to venture out.
Why are people so weird? Why do we have to segregate what is yours and what is mine? We belong to one body and we should work with a common goal. Politics is something that I really dun like to participate in but have been drag into the whirlpool unknowingly.

Some ppl juz are so insensitive to feelings. Failing to observe what people behave and say, and they speak tactlessly. That really hurts when someone is insensitive to how you feel.
Some ppl are juz not born with high EQ and is this a fact that can't be change? I truly belive EQ is something that you can build it within yourself if you are willing to spend efforts on it. However, being in this competitive society, what exists in the eyes of people are not feelings and emotions but rather work and money.
True enough that work is part of an important occupation in our life but that does not imply that emotions and feelings are not. If I looked back at what I studied, your emotions and feelings are components that will allow you to function better in your occupational areas i.e work, self care and leisure.
If you are not even in touch with your feelings, how could you learn how to care for others and love others?
I seriously think I'm too in touch with my feelings till I'm oversensitive. I get hurt by every lil insensitive words or actions that ppl do esp if that person is really important to me.
If there is a word to describe what I feel now, I feel like a pithole. Dark and deep. Dark with anger, deep with hurt.
Do I expect too much? Am I too hopeful? Was I too softhearted? Am I irritating? Too many questions in my head. Is it a problem that I think too much? Am I supposed to think lesser? If you want me to think lesser, then I might as well give up since I'm not bothered to provide my input anymore.
Been having fun at work these two days. Sang carols for the patients yesterday and tomorrow will also be singing to our patients. I was real touched that the patients enjoyed our performance =)

Also rehearsed for the skit that KY wrote for OT concert. It was really funny and I have to act some stupid actions...acting as male then female. Gonna get role confusion =p

Had been shopping around for my own things and xmas gifts for ppl. It's really fun shopping for gifts. It's some sort of retail therapy for stress management and at the same time, you are spending time wondering about what things you would buy for your loved ones.

You don't get to do that too often, just once or twice in a year. I meant massive shopping for people.

Hopefully the wkend will be filled with colors...bright colors rather than red or black or dark colors. I need an uplift of my mood =)


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