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Sunday, November 27, 2005 Y 12:53 AM

Went to visit MinMin in the afternoon. Looks prettie okie to me except for the constant spitting of phelgm, blowing of the spirolmeter, lotsa tubes stuck to her body and constant visits by doctors and nurses.

At least she was able to lean against the bed to watch Hunter v.s Hunter. Guess she wun be out so soon cuz she still gotta wait for the body vest and she isn't really able to walk much.

She looked so mortified that I'm bringing my patients to the hospital she is staying in, for a consumer mart. Hopefully she can come visit the stall if she feels much better.

Went over to Azi's house in the evening with Kris, Dodo and Yoges. Azi's mom cooked real nice food for us! Yum yum, there was mee soto, potato puffs and chicken wings! Oh, not forgetting lotsa lotsa cookies! Best of all, we get to catch up and chat for almost 5 hours!

Kinda haven't done that for long. Realised that as people grow older, they changed and sometimes they grow apart. Making friends and keeping friends are so hard nowadays. I truly treasure these times where I get to have fun and joy with my friends.

Life is like a train journey. People get on and off the train as the right time approaches. I do hope to keep some of these people in my train, and that they will travel on the train with me till the end of the journey.

P.S: I miss Dear...he hasn't seen me for so long and I doubt he will have time to see me tmr hmmmphhh...wouldn't it be easier if I juz remain single? A qn nv to be answered cuz no one ever will knows.


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