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Monday, November 28, 2005 Y 8:52 PM

Went to catch a movie with Dar yesterday. Dunno whether he's asking me out of sincerity or was it that I was pissed off with him. Spent his whole day meeting some stupid female professor and I think he forgotten my existence.

He's either smitten by his work or some smart finance females. Better off that he dates some financial consultant than an occupational therapist. At least they will be able to spend their whole time discussing about investments and money and happily building relationships with each other. The ending will be...happily ever after.

Ok I'm being sarcastic...can't help it. Anw, back to the movie. Went to watch Zathura. Idiot PIG was late for 15 mins...could have spent my 15 mins having dinner instead of rushing down to the theatre. Was so damn pissed at him that it was the 1st time, I juz stalked off ignoring him.

Zathura was real nice....reminded me of my old times "Jumangi". I reallie like Jumangi alot! Was my old time favourite show during childhood. It was one gud show after all and that managed to appease me a lil. Especially like the twist where Walter finds out that the astronaut is actually himself and that the astronaut's brother is actually his brother, Danny. Not forgetting that Lisa falls in love with the astronaut, which is actually her own brother, Walter.

Ok you probably dunno what I'm talking about unless u watch the show.

It was overall a nice show but the date wasn't that fantastic. He was a lil disappointing...not being sensitive to my needs at all. Am I asking alot? I'm juz asking to be remembered, to be cared for...not to be contactable only when he wants to talk to me about my insurance.

Is this what I want? Seriously....I dunno...tie me around the rope and hang me...perhaps then I will know the answer.

P.S: I saw light in my work today. KY finally explained to me what is my role and I suddenly felt lousy. I wasn't doing my job at all because I din know that I was actually in charge of something! No one ever told me that I was supposed to do that. Not being biased, but I think KY is a better supervisor than my real supervisor. Thank you KY! You really saved our day =)


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