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Friday, November 4, 2005 Y 11:19 AM

Watched "Saving Face" with Cy at PS yesterday.

4 words: One really gud show. Joan Chen was perfect in her acting as usual. Portraying a pregnant, lost and really cute mom.

Imagine to be pregnant at 48y.o with a 29y.o guy...or rather imagine it was your mom who was pregnant with a guy that is same age as you.

The show explore the concepts of love in a different viewpoint. Lesbian love, mother-daughter relationship, age differences and traditional, convention Chinese beliefs.

It wasn't that repulsive to see two girls kissing each other altough I heard some sniggering remarks from some of the male audience in the theatre.

Love is about being fair to each other and making firm choices..that's what I gather from the show. Joan Chen wants the guy to declare his love in front of everyone. She wants to make a choice that is not decided by her father.

Michelle has to toggle both her work and her lover. Lynn wants Michelle to be expressive and accept the fact that they are lovers in the public.

Lynn said in one part of the show: "Wait, that's all I ever do. I wait for you to spend precious moments with your work and mom". Tsk tsk, kinda remind me of my own feelings. Wait, that's all I ever do. I wait for you to spend precious moments with your work, family and friends.

In conclusion, it is one show that I would recommend peepz to watch it =)

Oh, I spoke to him yesterday again. Stated my expectations explicitly. This is the the last chance. If it still doesn't work out, then it's so over between us. Hope that he knows how to treasure it wisely.


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