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Wednesday, November 9, 2005 Y 8:25 PM

Updates of what happened recently

Met up with Ting and Xiaowen. It has been something since we last met, at least excluding the presence of YL.

Went to Marina Square. Had lunch at Changing Appetite. Some Jap and Western combined restaurant.

Food was okie there. I has Ebi Tempura spaghetti. Tasted quite nice. I find the choc malt for the dessert too sweet though. Hurts my throat alot.

Aniwaes, as usual, we talked about work, lives and had fun laughing at each other, Xiaowen mainly hahaha.

Didn't accomplish what we were supposed to do. Xiaowen and I were supposed to talk to Ting about her and YL.

Did manage to make passing, innocent remarks about it. Seems like the answer was not as promising as we expected.

Sounds like Ting is abit uncertain about the future. Have no plans to marry YL and definitely not in near future, not even projected 5 yrs.

Future seems like quite bleak for her. Sigh, my own future seems bleak too. Dun even know whom I'll marry.

Well hope Xiaowen did manage to talk to Ting on Monday again after they met up for lunch.

The start of the most relaxing week. Have HMDP for the whole week, so can juz sit and relax.

Dar had his exams in the afternoon. Have been mugging away with his books during the weekends. Aniwaes, he passed! I'm so glad of it.

Well, that's only one out the nine modules that he have to sit exams for. Dar said he will have to study at least 6 yrs b4 he can get the highest prestige cert in finance.

Sigh, incidentally hinted about wat is his plans then since he is gg to study for six yrs. Stupid fella didn't give a satisfactory person.

I can't wait for 6 yrs then get married. I have no patience to wait so long and I'm not gg to get married in my 30s.

Wore my kebaya to work today. It is cultural week for the dept and we are suppose to wear cultural costumes.

This is like my 2nd time wearing it and when I stepped into IMH lobby, there were ppl staring at me already.

I guess it's the 1st time alot of ppl approach me and complimented me haha. Feels gud to be complimented though lolz.

Wore my purple punjabi suit to work. Again, ppl were oohing and ahhing over my dressing.

Tot it was one of the most relaxing wk but I ended up feeling more sleepy than I ever did. Fell asleep in one of the lectures.

Ended up sitting in the AV Room with Dajie. Talking nonstop behind the audience till Mr A told us he could hear us sniggering behind.

Woke up real late!! Luckily, Mr A is late and he cabbed me to work. He has been cabbing me to work recently. Tsk tsk, gud to have free rides =)

Haha saw one of my ex classmates (JR) today and you know wat? I think he looks like a perfect young imitation of Joseph.

Hahaha, for those who had been to IMH for attachment, you will know whom I'm talking about.

Coincidentally at that moment, Joseph happened to stride into view and stood behind JR. Both were wearing checkered shirt, with unkempt hair and both, ahahhaa, equally short.

Gosh, I can juz forsee that if JR continues to be in mental health for long, that wud most probably wat he will end up as.

Had a real bad sore throat today. Managed to endure till after work then I went to c a doctor. Got diagnosed with URTI.

Reckon with all the avian flu business going ard, I better c a doc b4 I start to sneeze and cough away in office and I will be forced to wear a stupid mask.

Miz council meeting though. Can't helped it. Have been enduring the pain for 3 days already. Getting more n more painful. Dun wanna get sick.

Haven't seen dar for so long. Dunno when he is free to mit me yeah.

Meanwhile, Friday movie session with Denise. Saturday visit Mr A's house and camping over at Debbie's (De's sis) chalet.

When can dar c me then when I'm so fully packed......sigh...not doing his role as a bf really well...though significantly improved. Knows how to at least call me or text me everyday.

Can't ask for too much...stupid ppl have to be trained slowly at a time =p

Enough of my ranting, time for Initial D =)


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That is why they call it
"the present."

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