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Thursday, November 3, 2005 Y 2:17 AM

Tot this week will be wonderful cuz got 2 public holidays but turned out to be real draggy.

Firstly, on Monday, I couldn't bring myself to work becuz I was thinking of the public holiday on Tuesday. Fortunately, my patients didn't come down for groups so I didn't need to run any groups.

I was supposed to cover for Yoges but I was too lazy to go up to the wards to c patients, so I left it to Wednesday.

Well I should have known.

Being the lazy me, I was so lazy to go up to the wards =p. I had 8 referrals to cover and I was not motivated at all to c them!

Talk about motivation so much while we are teaching our pts to be motivated and yet I myself am not motivated.

Anyway, I finally drag myself up to the wards to c patients, fully aware that I wouldn't be able to finish all my referrals (despite giving one of them to Lee Sian).

To my surprise, the patients were either discharged or refused OT, so I couldn't really conduct much of an initial assessment with them! Lolz, I was so happy that I managed to finish seeing 5 referrals, given that I'm so used to running groups and I really dun like seeing individual patients.

By 4.30pm, I was already counting down to go home. I didn't slept a wink at all the night before and I was so drained from work.

Lee Sian was no where better. She looked like she was about to die. When she came into the office in the morning, I tot I saw a walking zombie. She looked so pale, with big eye bags and sporting a funny looking hairstyle. That was the 1st time I saw her looking so tired!

Naturally, she tot I didn't have enough sleep too. Me with my swollen eyes (from crying too much the night b4). Haha, everyone whom walked into our office tot we were really having a bad day from lack of sleep.

I finally spoke to him about us. Everything's looking gud at the moment. We talked about what we want and how we can give.

It was really killing me when I decided to drop him and move on with life. For the 1st time in my life, I couldn't stop crying. Whenever my head hits the pillow, tears flow uncontrollably.

For once, I finally understood why I felt that way and I know it's hard for me to give him up. I've come to realise that I love him that much that I really needed him, and to lose him is like hell.

Btw, my background score is making me aching for anime action. I'm missing Inuyasha episodes. Feel like watching volume 10.

I'm aching for Ernest's Initial D cartoons too. I miz watching anime so much till I downloaded every single anime song.

Jamil is inviting a few of us over to his house at Punggol for Hari Raya. Hooray! Watching movie with Cy too. Saving Face by Joan Chen...think it looks really nice.

I love my family, friends and YOU. Love me too k?


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