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Monday, November 21, 2005 Y 11:49 AM

My cousin is admitting into NUH today for her major op tmr. Feel so uncomfortable that I can't really do much to help her. Aniwae, I did my best by accompanying her on Sat, most regretful to say that I fell asleep halfway thru ):

She looked like she wasn't ready to leave my house to go back home on Sat nite. Lingering at Metro, trying to stall time. Guess all that brave front is still some superficial thingy.

Good luck cuzz! U will be out of hospital soon and I will promised to bring u ard during your hols =)

Didn't manage to visit Azi's house yesterday. She fell sick. Ended up meeting Kris, Ern and DoDo for lunch at Suntec.

Went to yummy nydc and tried the three amigos baked pasta. Yum, I finished the whole thing for the 1st time! Guess I was really hungry given that we ate at 3pm. And I have to add that the mushroom soup is reallie nice!! Has this cheesy taste in it.

Went to meet Dex in the evening for dinner and to watch Harry Potter. Finally Dar is bringing me to watch movie haha...I made him do all the work this time round =p. Serves him right for always taking me for granted.

Anyway, the show was okie. I was glad that I haven't read the GOF yet else I will be comparing the book to the movie. I know it was way lots different and frankly, I prefer the book. The impt thing is that I watched Harry Potter (one of my fav shows) with Dar =D

You know Dar, we need to spend meaningful moments together if we wanna keep our relationship and I'm really happie that you did that yesterday. For once, it wasn't only about work.

Btw, ZA True White pdts are amazing!! Cheap and gud!! Cy and I are both trying it out and we are real pleased with the effects. My scars are getting much better as compared to the past few weeks. Gonna get the whole range to c faster effects.

Off to shopping with Cy on Fri! Bye to scars and hello to suppleness!


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