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Thursday, November 3, 2005 Y 10:28 AM

I was veri happie to see him yesterday nite =)

Okie, I know I'm a bitch. I should have given him up when he is messing up my life. I couldn't help it though.

Really longed for him alot =)

Alright, I've given us a probation period aniwae. If it works out, then all goes well. If not, then we'll split.

He seriously needs to change a lil bit about his attitude.

I can't say that my mood is up, full of hope or optimistic. No, I'm still quite insecure and uncertain how things will turn out.

I'm happy though, that he seen me yesterday. I would have been even more happier if he calls me or text me these few days.

I'm like at the edge of the cliff...either I fall down the cliff or he pulls me back.

Girls, juz bear with me a lil k? If I complain to you all or feels upset, please bear with me. If things dun look gud and I'm really depressed, please bear with my moods and crying.

I really appreciate all your concerns and attempts to make me happie =)

I'm seriously happie that Cy has asked me out watched movie tsk tsk. I still need the company of my girlfriends. Still feeling lost and confused.

Weird that ppl are feeling so happie in their honeymoon stage and I'm like on the brink.

Sigh, is it juz me or wat? Why do I keep meeting ppl who doesn't really know how to appreciate me? Am I really that bad till nobody gud will take me in?

Well, I can't help it though Kris says you muz learn how to love yourself first. I'm trying to love myself but at the ways things are gg, sumtimes I really wonder whether I'm gud.

Off to Jamil's house now..RAWR...I've to change 4 trips to get there...and I'm carrying a cake!


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