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Saturday, November 5, 2005 Y 5:40 PM

I bought new facial products yesterday. Tried out Biotherm. Tsk tsk, it was definitely cheaper than watever I have bought b4.

Anyway, I bought the Acnopur range. Have used it thrice so far and I'm very pleased with the results.

My face was no longer that oily and uncomfortable but fresh and clean. No new pimples have sprout out so far and old pimples were controlled from developing into big and painful spots.

Certainly I'm more pleased with it as compared to Istrilene, which has burned a hole in my pocket. Istrilene was gud but my face was still very oily. Biotherm seemed to have cast this problem away.

Now, I dun have to keep using tissue paper or oil blotters to absorb away excess sebum.

The lady said that Acnopur doesn't helps with existing scars though, juz helped to control oil and prevent pimples breakout. Have to wait till my face stops having pimples before I can do anything about the ugly scars...arrgh.

Still I'm pleased with my facial results at the moment. Not forgetting to mentioned that the facial products was at a more reasonable price too =)

Wasted my whole Saturday. Stupid Singnet guy is supposed to come between 4 - 6 pm to install my wireless modem but I have not seen any sight of him yet. The customer service officer told me that they will contact him to confirm the appointment but so far no news yet.

If he's not coming, I'm so gg to kill him. The appointment was scheduled at such a stupid timing. I couldn't go anywhere with my friends.

I can't wait for Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire to come out! Am currently reading the Half Blood Prince now. Haha, I have completed every book of Harry Potter except the Goblet of Fire!

Guess that explains why I'm so keen to watch it then. Dar also wanna watch it but dunno whether he's free to watch with me. Well, he's nv free to do anything with me in the first place lolz.

Counting down, 20 more mins to 6pm...if the Singnet guy doesn't comes, I'm gonna be so piss...


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