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Wednesday, November 16, 2005 Y 9:22 AM

Freaking bitch that screwed my day!!!!! Who do you think you are???

Juz because we have been frens for 4 yrs does not means you have the right to throw your stupid tantrums at me!!

You are so superficial...treated those new colleagues whom doesn't know you like your precious but treated me like shit!!!

You made everyone think that I'm one super big bitch when you are the one that is a bitch! Act like as if you are angelic and sweet and an innocent gurl!

Go to hell..you know what you freaking did last year and I shall nv nv forgive you for what you did!

Can't you c? You said I have an attitude problem...but can't you c that it's only towards you? No one else said I have an attitude problem b4..bitch.

You act that way and I reciprocate the same. To think you juz throw a 4 yr relationship away like that. I have every respect for you, I tolerated you time and time.

From now on, you are a piece of shit to me...you treated me like one...you will deserved the same treatment that you did to me.

No doubt if ppl in the workplace may think I'm mean..but I think I'm definitely more capable than you in leadership and work! And if you screw ard with me, I have frens that hold on to me and who believe in me rather than your lies.

Grow up bitch! It's the real world. You are not at home where u can throw your tantrums ard. When your freaking darling beloved colleague leaves, I will make you burn like hell...I will let you know what is really being rejected by frens.

You hurt me so deeply you dun deserved to be my fren no more....


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That is why they call it
"the present."

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