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Saturday, November 12, 2005 Y 10:36 AM

Finally! Watched "Just like Heaven" with DeDe yesterday.

I can't helped ranting about this but for once I was earlier than DeDe...Haha, well I'm always late so it's cool when I'm early =)

Anws, the show was lovely! Nothing much of a plot, pretty predictable how the story line will goes but it's still nice!

Very sweet, funny and touching comedy love story. I lurve Reese Witherspoon's curly hair! Wanna make my hair like that too when it grows longer =).

Reckon I'll look nice with curly hair? Lolz, hopefully not like an Auntie =p

Oh yesh, Sky High is nice too. I watched it already =).

A bunch of teenagers trying to save the world with their powers. It's all about watching funny or worth it shows now.

Oh yesh, I hv to mention about tis. We met a real nice gentleman yesterday. Offered to forgo his turn and let us take the cabby first.

Such a nice guy...lucky gurlz who gets him =)

Kris bought for Debbie the same bag that I bought from Tomato Can! Haha, funnie that she asked me whether it is nice.

I have to say nice rite? Couldn't possibly bought something not nice for myself =D

Yucks, strained my back muscles. Hurts like hell, got someone to massage it for me and it's so much better.

Started acting up yesteday nite and I couldn't bend or turn my body much. Felt as rigid as a trunk.

It's better now. I can turn and bend with slight winces of pain. At least I can move my body. Was better than nothing.


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