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Monday, November 14, 2005 Y 9:04 AM

Bad things that happened on Saturday:

1) I miz the last lecture of Dr Hector Tsang talk on psychosocial rehabilitation.

2) I overslept.

3) I injured my left lower back muscles.

4) I got a flu and it wouldn't go away.

5) My flu developed into a blocked nose and sore throat.

6) We got lost when we were searching for DeDe's chalet. Arguing between is it TMC or Safra Club.

7) 2 kids were irritating us during the chalet and we have to be crammed inside one room with them.

8) I kept losing in my mahjong game till I'm so exhausted with all my lousy tiles.

9) My colleagues were late and didn't pay me back money for the cake. I ended up going to the chalet with no money.

Good things that happened on Saturday:

1) I went to my colleague's house for Hari Raya. Ate really gud food and had fun playing with his children and talking to other colleagues.

2) Kris and Ernest picked me up from my house to the chalet.

3) We ate good food in the chalet. DeDe was serving us...felt so pampered =)

4) We played mahjong for the whole night. Had fun entertaining ourselves with chatter and mahjong.

5) We had a really nice piece of cake from Awfully Chocolate! Yums!

6) My skin was better after I switched back to Biotherm again. Long story...the previous facial was too dry for my skin..getting itchy. Biotherm, no choice though have big pimples.

7) We found an ATM in the Safra and I had money again =)

8) My left lower back muscles were so much better after the massage.

9) We had Taiwan sausages that DeDe barbecued!!! Yums haven't had that for long =)

I had cravings for chicken rice on Sunday and miracously, there was chicken at the Garden Lounge in Safra Resort =D. I had a nice lunch and a really long gud slp when I reached home.

As usual, I quarelled with him again but then tis time, I got to find out more about him. Normal arguments, we got it settled.

I'm sick today...from the lack of slp on Saturday. I'm having an awfully blocked nose and a sore throat. I can't taste and swallow well and breathe well.

Off to c a doctor now ):


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