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Saturday, October 29, 2005 Y 11:57 PM

Finally get to mit up with the girls today! It has been quite some time since I last saw them, except for Dede whom I saw juz on Monday during grad nite. Aniwae, speaking about grad nite, Dede you haven't sent the fotos we taken together in Raffles Ballroom. Please send to me yeah? Thanks thanks.
Okie back to where I was saying. We met up to go for ktv, as usual at Crown Prince Partyworld, Dede's favourite choice. For the 1st time, I reached on the dot! Yippee, pls give me some claps but then the girls really sabo me yeah. Everyone was late for half an hour. I spent the whole half an hour alone in the ktv room, trying to act like I was singing and eating while the waiters and waitresses kept peeping into my room. Probably wonder why this gurlz book such a big room to herself only tsk tsk. I have to apologize to my wallet cuz I didn't really sing much. Spent most of the time chatting to the girls instead. Seemed like it was more interesting to catch up than to sing. I could only say we are probably the best chatters around. From 2 pm all the way till 9pm, we were chatting non stop. There was nv a break in between where there was silence. Even Ernest is becoming more and more chatty, probably the side effects of hanging out too much with his wife and us keke. Oh you probably wondering how did Ernest popped up? Okie sorrie, it was actually I met up with the girls and Ernie. Didn't meant to label him as part of the girls gang too.
Hee I got a tortoise keychain from my LL (Krisie). My gfs are really nice to me yeah. Always rem to get me gifts when they go overseas. It feels nice to be remembered and pampered by people. Some people juz dunno how to care and pamper their loved ones (you know whom I'm referring to).
I was juz calculating to Doreen at the mrt juz now. There is like 168 hours a week. Take away 44 hours that I'm working and I'm left with 142 hours. Take away 60 hours of sleep and I'm left with 82 hours. Take away 2 to 4 hours that I spent with him and I'm left with 78 hours. Take away 30 hours that I spent with my family and friends and I'm left with 48 hours. I have 48 hours to ponder over my relationship, to feel unnoticed and uncared for! I have 48 hours of freedom whom I can get to know new people and befriend them and maybe finding someone whom notice my presence more? Sometimes, it's juz scary to know that I have so much freedom to betray him and go out with someone else. I can't really trust myself to totally not doing that as I have so much time and that I'm craving for care, attention and love. To topped it up, what frightens me is that I've lost hope and that I have an inclination to be rebellious in the relationship.
Life would be so much easier if everything falls into place neatly. Then again, that wouldn't be life cuz it will be too perfect.


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But today is a gift

That is why they call it
"the present."

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