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Friday, November 19, 2010 Y 8:58 AM

I spent 3 hours on Thursday (on my leave day), doing make up for my cousin for her PROM night. All I did was make up and don a wig, plus a hat, for her and the after effect was, YOU GOT A PROM QUEEN!

Tsk, I've never been a prom queen before. I looked crappy and in my worse state during my JC PROM. In fact, I would tell you I look even much better now. I looked way older with my wayang make up (done by the stylist at the basement of my block in Bt Batok), like an AUNTIE. Seriously, that was the worse I could have look like and till now, I don't even bear to look at the pictures.

I'm a little jealous that I created a PROM QUEEN with such simple make up and a wig BUT I'm HAPPY that I created a success! It is a little silly to be joyous over a small issue like this but I really felt proud.

I guess, even at my age, there is something else that I could be proud of.

Thursday, November 18, 2010 Y 7:06 AM

I have been neglecting my FB account and blog badly recently. I successfully quited FB games and now I totally don't really use it since I don't play much games except Mousehunt. So I know I have been MIA but I AM HERE. It's just that I have not been even using my computer at all (MY MOM IS HOGGING IT FOR FB GAMES).

Plus, blame it on the invention of IPHONE. I access my twitter and msn from iphone now and barely use the computer. For those of you who still frequent my blog and I believed I have also informed you on FB previously, I lost my old msn account due to some ban put on it (SOMEBODY IS USING IT TO DO SOMETHING REALLY SUSPICIOUS, GEE I'M HACKED!). If you receive emails from my old msn account, please IGNORE IT!!! As for my new msn account, SMS me if you wanna add me (I have previously sent an email on FB too, long time ago before I neglected it).

I'm STILL ALIVE and KICKING haha, and working in a community setting. I never foresee that I will job hop so much since I stayed in my first job for 3 years. I realised I'm trying to find a niche and a place to settle in. I'm really happy in my current setting (I'm bluffing if I tell you I have unhappy moments too as no place is ever perfect) but I'm happy enough to be considering to retire there (so called). I don't know my future plans, I may be a patisseire for all you know, or a beautician, a make up artist, a housewife, anything, but for now, I'm still an occupational therapist.

Forgive me if I do not make an effort to meet up. Whenever I have free time, I tend to hide at home and sulk. Plus I'm trying to get use to the new job. I'm been a snail ever since that incident. I DO WANNA MEET YOU PEOPLE SO I'M GOING TO TRY TO MAKE DATES WITH U ALL!

More updates coming up on my trip to Cameron Highlands, I shall try to be diligent and update my blog so you know what is happening to me and whether I am alive =)

Friday, September 3, 2010 Y 8:11 AM

Day 1

Breakfast at Burger King at Changi Airport at 6 plus am while waiting to board the flight at 8.05am

View from the plane (Silk Air)

Sharon and me =)

Our Hotel...Bayview Georgetown

Bypassed Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, a Peranakan building but didn't get a chance to go in as we missed the tour timings.

The Chocolate Boutique...I bought a box of Expresso beans chocolates there!

A bowl of delicious Hokkien Mee that is nearby our hotel. It's the best that I tried amongst the 3 days I'm there!

Taken inside the trishaw...the uncle who droved me was a 76 year old man, I was quite dubious about his ability initially but he turned out to be real fast and strong!

Sights taken from the trishaw

Fort Cornwallis

Khoo Kongsi, they are all really rich people, I wanna marry their son!

Check it out...all doctors, masters, lawyers or doctorates....gee

Pinang Peranakan Museum...the one where Pierre Png's family in Little Nyonya resided in.

The owner had 3 dining rooms...this room was for Chinese who wanted to dine in Western Style.

This room is for English who are dining in Chinese style.

This is the chandelier in the main dining room, where the family dine in Nyonya style.

The Mirror Of Eternity...clever design made by facing 2 mirrors towards each other on either side of the wall.

They had a huge shelve of cutlery, one set to be use a day!

One of the bedrooms

A sink made by British design and hardware

Olden days Camera

Accessories that the Peranakans wear

Penang Trip 310810 to 020910
Painted Glass Windows

Expensive English Vases

Ice Kachang Maker

Day 2

A visit to the Batik Factory

A man printing the designs using printing blocks

Drawing the design manually

Coloring the patterns drawn

Visit to the Thai and Burmese Temple

The Sleeping Buddha

Bodhi leaf

Burmese Buddha

Blessed by the Burmese monk

Fishing Jetty, no idea what name was the jetty

At the Fishing Jetty

Went to some fruit stall high up the Penang Hill

Cocoa fruit

Cocoa seed

Visited Kek Lok Si Temple

Visited the Snake Temple

A view of Penang from the top of the mountain, actually midway

So we tried alot of Penang food, but mostly centered on Penang Laksa, Hokkien Mee and Char Kway Teoh, trying to find which is the best and the tastiest!

Very delicious bowl of Hokkien Mee


Char Kway Teoh

The wanton mee is so yummy!

Really plain and simple but I really love the taste! You don't get that nice simple taste in Singapore.

The popular Chendol

Penang was truly a lovely place, and it's only 1 hour via flight, fuss free and easy, and no long coach ride. It truly seemed like a place where you can go and hide away and relax for a few days or months and feel rejuvenated afterwards. I felt out of sorts when I came back to Singapore, to the horror of even starting work after the trip. I can't imagine if I was at Japan or Hong Kong or Taiwan then. I probably don't even want to come back to Singapore. The truth is, the company made the difference too. I had great friends who went along the trip with me and made it really fun and interesting.

Yes, it was a 2 months delayed post and by then, I have been to another place, Cameron Highlands. Shall make an effort to post that up too. Can't imagine professional bloggers who photoshop their photos too! So time consuming!


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